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Florida Auto Insurance * Learn About "Edge Auto Insurance" Blog Today!


Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida — This is an Florida auto insurance article that explains a great deal relating to license suspension.

An individual that loses the privilege to drive in the Sunshine state can dramatically increase their future Florida auto insurance premiums. The suspension of a driver’s license can bring your Florida car insurance premiums through the roof. It really depends on the circumstances of the driver’s suspension, but unquestionably a policy holder will see a large increase in premium. The consultants at Edge Auto Insurance specialize in getting their clients the best auto rates in the market place. If you would like to reduce your premium costs without reducing coverage limits, give us a call today! 1-800-554-9142


You will come to understand that there are a variety of ways in which a license can become suspended in the state of Florida. It will vary from state to state, but some of the ways an automobile driver can lose their ability to drive, would be committing certain legal offenses like; not paying child support, missing a court hearing for probation, and in some instances due to treatment for alcohol dependency. While many of these causes do not instantly change your cheap auto insurance rates, the loss of your driver’s license due to traffic violations and points on your license will cause your rates to jump up.

It really doesn’t matter what the reason was that caused you to lose the privilege to drive in the Sunshine state. A Florida car insurance policy holder with a brand new vehicle should not get rid of their coverage because they have momentarily lost the ability to drive. If you have financed any portion of the car through a bank, they will make sure that you keep your comprehensive and collision coverage on the vehicle at all times. You still need to make sure that quality coverage is in place in the event the car is stolen, lost, or damaged.

In most states, like Florida, necessitates that owners of a car must keep a proper policy in place in order to keep it in good standing with the registrars department. If the state finds out that the car is registered, but has zero insurance, then the state will most likely suspend your plate for nearly three years. Make sure that doesn’t happen and get a new auto insurance quote today!


Edge Auto Insurance is your trusted source for reviewing, comparing, and purchasing the best auto policy in Florida. To get the best news and information on the Web related to Florida auto insurance, please visit the Edge auto insurance blog today. Consumers get the chance to view important terminology related to automobile insurance via our Florida auto insurance glossary of terms. The power of information we offer consumers and clients will result in the best possible premiums for your coverage’s. Get a quote today by calling Laurin Agnew…


Jacksonville, Florida — Make sure that you have the proper GAP insurance coverage for your auto policy in Florida. This Guaranteed Auto Protection insurance is an optional type of insurance policy that offers protection against financial liability for people who have bought a vehicle on loan and the actual cash value (ACV) or the market value of the vehicle is less than the amount owed on the loan.

Based on the auto insurance policy, GAP insurance normally provides coverage against thefts and accidents. However, the terms of the insurance policies vary and so, it’s better to carefully evaluate the terms and conditions of the GAP insurance policy before purchasing one.

  • How does GAP insurance works?

To get an idea of how GAP insurance works, consider the following situation:

Suppose you purchase a new vehicle on loan for $22,000. You make the down payment of $600 and agree to pay $300 as monthly installment. Now, six months later, the value of your car decreases to just $16,000. After six months, you’d have paid $2,400 (six monthly installments in addition to the down payment). You still owe 19,600 on the car. At this time, your vehicle meets an accident. In such a case, your insurance company will pay you just $16,000 and not $19,600. Now, if you don’t have a GAP insurance, the additional $3,600 would come out of your pocket.