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A recent report was just released by the National Insurance Crime Burea that proved that Florida auto insurance claims fraud grew more than 30 percent since 2008. That is a very large increase of insurance fraud and will have to be addressed very quickly to keep rates under control.

The statistics will show over 8,000 suspicious claims last year in 2010, which is up from just over 7,000 in 2009 and close to 6,000 in 2008.

Nearly 90 percent of the fraudulent claims were based personal auto insurance and insurers’ top reasons included faked or exaggerated injuries, fake accidents and overly excessive treatments. The rest, in order from most to least, were for items like commercial auto insurance, homeowners insurance, commercial general liability insurance and Florida workers compensation.

A current Bill is being offerd to help decrease Florida auto insurance fraud and staged accidents, HB 967 and SB 1411, and is coming to the end of the legislative process. A very important property insurance package, SB 408, that aims in part to target fraudulent and inflated homeowners claims, including those for all of the damage that is caused by sinkholes, has moved through three committees. What do Floridians think about this new legistlation?


Miami, Florida – Consumers should understand the basic Florida auto insurance guidelines to insuring a vehicle here at our auto insurance blog. The basic components of an auto policy could help you save a great deal of money the next time you file a claim. Please contact Edge Auto Insurance if you have detailed questions about your policy, 1-800-554-9142. It doesn’t matter who your insurance carrier is, your auto policy will include some of the following components.


1. The bodily injury liability or (personal property liability): The two parts listed offer the insured protection against a future injury to another individual and property in the event of a Florida car insurance accident. There are state minimums that must be covered, while nearly every state makes you purchase a little liability coverage. Most auto insurance experts recommend that you carry at least $100,000 for any person in a single accident, $300,000 for all hurt passengers, and $50,000 for property damage. For detailed information regarding policy requirements in your state, please visit www.naic.org

2. The personal injury protection: This part of a car insurance policy pays for all medical expenses and lost income for you and any passengers hurt in the accident. If you already have a full major medical group health insurance policy and a quality disability policy, then you probably want to just buy the lowest PIP (Personal Injury Protection), required by the state of Florida.

3. Comprehensive Collision: This part of your policy offers coverage for any damage or loss to your car for any type of car accident and it doesn’t matter whether you hit another car or back into your garage. This type of coverage will cover you for all of the above. If your automobile is very old, you may want to drop this coverage, and save a bunch of money on your premium dollars.

4. Uninsured motorist: This protection in your auto policy covers you from a motor vehicle drive that is the fault of a car accident, but doesn’t carry coverage for their car or doesn’t have enough coverage to pay for your accident. This type of coverage also helps out a great deal in the event of a hit-and-run.


If you need more information regarding the coverage’s you should have on your policy in Florida please give us a call today at 1-800-554-9142. Edge Auto Insurance is your trusted source for Florida car insurance. You can get quotes, compare plans, and apply online. For daily news and information please visit our auto insurance blog today!

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Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida — This is an Florida auto insurance article that explains a great deal relating to license suspension.

An individual that loses the privilege to drive in the Sunshine state can dramatically increase their future Florida auto insurance premiums. The suspension of a driver’s license can bring your Florida car insurance premiums through the roof. It really depends on the circumstances of the driver’s suspension, but unquestionably a policy holder will see a large increase in premium. The consultants at Edge Auto Insurance specialize in getting their clients the best auto rates in the market place. If you would like to reduce your premium costs without reducing coverage limits, give us a call today! 1-800-554-9142


You will come to understand that there are a variety of ways in which a license can become suspended in the state of Florida. It will vary from state to state, but some of the ways an automobile driver can lose their ability to drive, would be committing certain legal offenses like; not paying child support, missing a court hearing for probation, and in some instances due to treatment for alcohol dependency. While many of these causes do not instantly change your cheap auto insurance rates, the loss of your driver’s license due to traffic violations and points on your license will cause your rates to jump up.

It really doesn’t matter what the reason was that caused you to lose the privilege to drive in the Sunshine state. A Florida car insurance policy holder with a brand new vehicle should not get rid of their coverage because they have momentarily lost the ability to drive. If you have financed any portion of the car through a bank, they will make sure that you keep your comprehensive and collision coverage on the vehicle at all times. You still need to make sure that quality coverage is in place in the event the car is stolen, lost, or damaged.

In most states, like Florida, necessitates that owners of a car must keep a proper policy in place in order to keep it in good standing with the registrars department. If the state finds out that the car is registered, but has zero insurance, then the state will most likely suspend your plate for nearly three years. Make sure that doesn’t happen and get a new auto insurance quote today!


Edge Auto Insurance is your trusted source for reviewing, comparing, and purchasing the best auto policy in Florida. To get the best news and information on the Web related to Florida auto insurance, please visit the Edge auto insurance blog today. Consumers get the chance to view important terminology related to automobile insurance via our Florida auto insurance glossary of terms. The power of information we offer consumers and clients will result in the best possible premiums for your coverage’s. Get a quote today by calling Laurin Agnew…


Jacksonville, Florida — Make sure that you have the proper GAP insurance coverage for your auto policy in Florida. This Guaranteed Auto Protection insurance is an optional type of insurance policy that offers protection against financial liability for people who have bought a vehicle on loan and the actual cash value (ACV) or the market value of the vehicle is less than the amount owed on the loan.

Based on the auto insurance policy, GAP insurance normally provides coverage against thefts and accidents. However, the terms of the insurance policies vary and so, it’s better to carefully evaluate the terms and conditions of the GAP insurance policy before purchasing one.

  • How does GAP insurance works?

To get an idea of how GAP insurance works, consider the following situation:

Suppose you purchase a new vehicle on loan for $22,000. You make the down payment of $600 and agree to pay $300 as monthly installment. Now, six months later, the value of your car decreases to just $16,000. After six months, you’d have paid $2,400 (six monthly installments in addition to the down payment). You still owe 19,600 on the car. At this time, your vehicle meets an accident. In such a case, your insurance company will pay you just $16,000 and not $19,600. Now, if you don’t have a GAP insurance, the additional $3,600 would come out of your pocket.


Most Florida drivers out there don’t realize that if you own a car and it is registered in the state of Florida then you are required to have Florida auto insurance. The coverage required is PIP and PD, but there are consequences for not having Bodily Injury coverageand/or comprehensive and collision. Some assume that “full coverage” is very expensive, but that isn’t necessarily the case. Florida auto insurance companies give multiple discounts for excellent credit, safe driver, age, proof of prior insurance, being a homeowner, paperless billing, and many, many more. Going through an agency is the best way to explore your options as we will do the shopping for you and if your rates go up at renewal we can shop them again. We offer a variety of companies to fit any drivers needs. Most people think that they are benefiting by staying with the same company long term, however in most cases you are not able to take advantage of the rate decreases that your company and other companies have had. Call Laurin Agnew for a free Florida auto quote today!!

Have you ever wondered if you need to buy rental car insurance? In some cases the liability coverage from your personal auto insurance will transfer to the rental car. If you have comprehensive and collision coverage on your vehicle it will in most cases transfer to the rental car as well. So don’t be fooled by the rental car companies out there trying to hard sell you on the insurance if you already have the appropriate coverage.



Miami, Florida — Have you found the Florida auto insurance policy you have been searching for? If so, you do not have to do anything else because you now have the coverage you have wanted. If you don’t, it is time to move forward and really get down to business. Finding the right policy can be quick and painless even if you have not had success in the past. A few changes here and there may be all you need to make this happen.

If you have never hired a Florida auto insurance broker now may be the time to do so. When you do this you are taking your search to a new level. Instead of being on your own and hoping to find the right policy, you are getting the assistance of a professional who knows just where to look and what would be best for you. Sometimes all it takes is hiring a professional to see just how simple this can be.

Of course, you need to have some knowledge of the industry as well. Most importantly, what do you want to accomplish during the shopping process? If you know what type of Florida automobile insurance you want it is easier to find it on your own or with the help of an agent. Take notice of what you like and dislike, and then use this information to get what you want.

Finding Florida auto insurance can be easy. Where are you standing right now?


Jacksonville, Florida (32250) Learning how laws work when you have a stripped down car insurance policy is very important to most conusmers. Understand No-fault PIP benefits are designed to pay the medical benefits of those injured in a car, regardless of who was at fault for the accident. This means that if you are driving your car, and someone else causes your accident, Florida car insurance law dictates that your own policy always pays for your medical bills. In Florida, this also includes pedestrians that are struck by a covered vehicle. This legislation is designed to eliminate delays caused by liability disputes common in car accidents. Without no-fault laws, a person’s medical care may be placed in jeopardy while the insurance companies fight over which driver was liable for the accident, which could take a significant amount of time. Learn more about auto insurance rules today!


Everyone knows the economy is in trouble, so most auto insurance companies have been forced to offer better rates. Shopping online for your next car insurance policy could be the smartest thing you do. When was the last time you checked Florida car insurance policy renewal? Auto companies are competing for your business. Be sure to get your up to date policy review from Edge Auto Insurance, Florida’s premier online insurance brokerage. Be sure your read more about this auto insurance article at Transworld News


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A new division of Moran Insurance & Financial Solutions, www.MoranFinancialSolutions, has launched a new property and casualty divison that offers top rated Florida car insurance and Florida home insurance quotes online. You will find that our online quoting systems are second to none. Whether you are looking for a quick auto quote or a homeowners insurance quotation for rental properties, single family homes, or a Florida condo, we are here to get you the best coverage at an affordable rate. Please contact Laurin Agnew, 1-800-554-9142 to get your quotes today. Feel free to search on either of Moran P & C’s easy to use Internet Portals today.


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If you have been searching for Florida car insurance and not finding anything, don’t give up just yet. Remember, you need coverage and if you give up you have no chance of getting it. Even if you do not see it right now, there are many good Florida car insurance policies available. Are you going to find one that suits your needs?

To find the right policy you need to get smart about how you search. For instance, if you are not using a broker now may be the time to hire one. A good Florida car insurance broker is only one phone call away. From there you will have a professional working for you. Simply put, you need to change your way of doing things if your current method is not working. And for many, this means hiring a Florida health insurance broker.

There are hundreds of policies available for purchase. Which one are you going to choose? Until you compare a few you will have a hard time making a decision. Be open to all Florida car insurance policies so you can see what is out there and what you need.

All in all, good Florida health insurance is available. Are you going to do whatever it takes to find it? If so, you will have a quality policy in your name in no time at all.