What Is Florida Auto Insurance Usage?

Usage is the term used to describe the main function of the vehicle for which you are seeking insurance coverage. There are different terms of usage, that the insurer determines according to how you use your car. Some examples of usage terms are:

  • Pleasure or Personal:

If you use your vehicle for only leisure, and not for commuting to work and school, then your vehicle usage is termed as pleasure or personal. This holds true if you use your car for driving to the store occasionally.

  • Commute:

If you use your vehicle to travel from home to work, and back again, then your vehicle usage is termed as commute. However, your vehicle should not be used as part of your work itself. This usage is the most common and it does not require a higher premium.

  • Business:

If you own a vehicle and you use it for your work, then its usage is termed as business. This excludes work that requires you to carry equipment with you. That is, you should be using your vehicle for visiting your customers or expanding your business. This usage has a surcharge in the premium.

  • Artesian:

This vehicle usage is considered for carpenters, plumbers, electricians and handymen, who carry their respective equipment with them as part of their work. This equipment should be light and portable.

  • Commercial:

If the vehicle being insured is used for heavy use, it is termed as commercial usage. This is reserved for commercial vehicles and vans and trucks modified for a specific work. For example, a garbage tow truck would be classified under commercial usage. An auto insurance policy for a commercial usage vehicle is the most expensive policies.

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