Florida Auto Insurance SR-22: An SR-22 (CFR) Certificate

SR 22, also referred to as Certificate of Financial Responsibility or CFR, is a kind of certificate, which is mandated by the state and is provided to you by your car insurance company. The insurance company in turn checks whether you have liability coverage in place.

  • Fees associated with SR-22:

Most states charge a fee to file SR-22. The normal fee for filing Sr-22 is $25 it can vary from state to state. However, this fee is a fixed amount and you don’t need to pay it every time you renew your policy.

  • Tips to obtain the SR-22:

While applying for an auto insurance policy you will always come across a question on whether you need a certificate of responsibility or that of SR-22. Once you complete the purchase, you the insurance company will complete the filing process on your behalf. The company will contact you directly in case there is any problem or if they require any more information about you.

  • Validity of the SR 22:

The SR 22 is valid only until your auto insurance policy is valid.

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