Florida Auto Insurance Re-Inspection:

Re-inspection refers to the process of examining a car after it is damaged in an accident. When an automobile is damaged in an accident the repair or body shop estimates the value of the damage and the cost required to fix the car. The insurance company gets the information and the company then sends its own adjustor to ascertain the damage and find out if there are any hidden damages.

Once the repair work is complete, the adjustor visits the repair shop, examines the repairs done, and re-inspects the car.

There are two main reasons to conduct a re-inspection. Firstly, to ascertain that the repair shop performs the repair works in a proper way and there are no shortcuts taken in the repair process. This is profitable to the client as the re-inspection process ensures that the car is safe for driving and commuting as it was before accident.

Secondly, re-inspection is also necessary to ascertain that the repair estimate is justified. Re-inspection after the completion of repair process is to verify the quality of parts used in repairs.

Once a damaged car in an accident has been examined by the repair or body shop, an estimate of the damage value will be provided to the insurance company detailing the projected cost to fix the car.

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