Florida Auto Insurance - Hit and Run:

Hit and run refers to a situation wherein the driver, after committing an accident, flees the spot and doesn’t provide the information about his or her insurance. In most states in the USA, hit and run is considered a serious crime and demands serious action against the offender.

It’s very important for you to have hit and run insurance. This objective of this insurance policy is to protect you for the events wherein you are the victim of a hit and run accident case and the other driver doesn’t cover the costs of the damages occurred to you and your car. A hit and run insurance policy prevents you from paying out of your pocket when the accident is not your fault.

Usually, your auto insurance provider will have hit and run auto insurance, as a part of the regular policy. However, it’s better for you to check the declaration page of the policy to verify that it contains hit and run insurance coverage.

If you have committed a hit and run insurance, you need to know that hit and run is considered a serious offense and its effect will stay on your Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) for as many as 5-7 years.

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