Florida Auto Insurance - Defensive Driver Discount:

Defensive Driver Discount is offered to drivers who have successfully completed the defensive driver course. The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) offers and approves this course to hone driving skills. This course makes the drivers eligible for receiving defensive driver discount on premium if offered by the insurance carrier. Courses taken from driving school, which are not approved by Department of Motor Vehicles, are not eligible to receive the Defensive Driver Discount.

The Defensive Driver Discount offered by insurance carrier is generally up to 5%. However, the discount varies with States and Insurance carriers. Defensive Driver Course is a good way to lower insurance premium and save your life and that of the others.

You must check with your Insurance carrier while taking the insurance policy. By contacting the insurance company, you can get the knowledge of the requirements to qualify for this discount and the list of courses they approve to be eligible for discount. You will be asked to provide certificate to verify that you have actually completed the course.

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