What Is A Florida Auto Insurance Declaration Page?:

A declaration page of an auto insurance policy provides a summary of the insurance policy. It is also referred to as the “Dec” page. It acts as a quick guide to provide you all the basic information you need to know about your auto insurance policy.

An auto insurance policy declaration page contains following information:

  • Name of the insurer- the insurance company
  • Name and address of the insured- the policyholder
  • Policy period- dates of effect and expiry
  • Policy number
  • Types and limits of coverage offered for each vehicle
  • Description of the vehicles covered- type, model and year of manufacture of the listed vehicles
  • Premium for each vehicle
  • Lien holder, Loss Payee, Additional Insured or Additional Interest- the leasing or finance company or person responsible for paying the interest of the vehicle

A declaration page is usually issued at the time of inception or renewal of policy. An endorsement or a revised declaration page is issued in case any changes are made in the insurance policy.

It’s very important for you to go through the declaration page of your auto insurance policy before choosing it. You need to verify that the price of the insurance policy mentioned in the contract is same as the one that was quoted to you. Do not completely rely on emails or phone conversations. Remember, if you have requested your insurance provider a liability coverage of 40/80/20 but the declaration page reads 30/40/10 then this is what you’ll get. Hence, it’s very important to read the declaration page before purchasing an auto insurance policy.

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