Florida Accident Forgiveness

Florida Auto Insurance Glossary:
Accident Forgiveness:

Accident forgiveness refers to the exemption of the surcharge to a premium. People who have not had an at-fault accident for a period of more than five years are entitled to accident forgiveness.

In accident forgiveness, the car insurance companies ignore the first accident of the policyholder even if he/she is at fault. This feature also avoids the rise in the premium rate of the car insurance if the policyholder is involved in an at-fault car accident for a specific period of years.

To attract more customers, many car insurance companies make use of accident forgiveness. It also does not require any kind of extra insurance. It is just a way to reward the auto owners for good driving and for a clean past driving record.

Auto insurance companies cover rare accidents that involve safe drivers. However, not many people are able to qualify for accident forgiveness as it requires perfect driving record for longer periods. Owing to this, majority of drivers turn to large auto insurance companies who offer accident forgiveness.

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding accident forgiveness as many people think that it has been designed in such a way that it will favor the bad drivers. This is because; some of the insurance companies are ready to provide this program to people on a high premium rate. This feature though does not encourage unsafe driving habits it also does not completely discourage unsafe driving habits.

Everything said and done, accident forgiveness can prove to be highly beneficial for drivers who have a clean driving record and practice safe driving methods. This is mainly because; the car insurance companies often ignore the rare and minor accidents that are caused by the drivers or the policyholders.

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